* Top industrial design        * The art of seeing        * Low-Carbon
  • No:406

  • No:395

  • No:394

  • No:393

* Flow forming        * The strongest performance        * Super lightweight

  • NO:YA1005 B4

  • NO:DSC_0099

  • NO:DSC_0075

  • NO:DSC_0073

* High precision        * Fine surface finish        * Stable quality

  • NO:LYK4873

  • NO:LYK4867

  • NO:LYK4865

  • NO:LYK4864

* Style Diversification        * Durable        * Artistic
  • No:8231A

  • No:8222

  • No:8212

  • No:8211

* Individuation        * Fashion        * Small
  • No:8302

  • No:8301

  • No:8252

  • No:8252

FORZUTO brand proprietary brand YUELING shares spinning products, strong performance from the Italian meaning, reflects alloy wheels spinning thinner and lighter, better performance characteristics, the flag is full of competitive means, so that drivers more fun, the whole logo is the first letter F YUELING deformation display, like the shape of a single sail shape, symbolizing the company's wind and waves, indomitable spirit, embodies YUELING pursuit of excellence, top-notch idea.

  • NO:YA1735

  • NO:YA1019

  • NO:YA1007

  • NO:YA1008

DAUNTLESS is YUELING shares designed for customers in high-end custom-made low pressure casting brand, the spiritual core for the fearless, that insists on quality Yue Ling, do not compromise, do not give, with consistent high quality product cultivation customer loyalty. The brand positioning in the high-end customers, wheel design rich design calm atmosphere, fine detail, demanding, logo hard-edged shapes, showing sharp mighty, dare to challenge the momentum.

  • NO:D2747

  • NO:D2768

  • NO:D2734

  • NO:D2780

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